Shackleton Equity Buys SafeHarbor Technology Corp

Shackleton Equity Partners has acquired SafeHarbor Technology Corp., a Seattle-based provider of Web self-service software solutions. No financial terms were disclosed.


SafeHarbor Technology Corporation, the leading provider of fully‐managed Web Self Service (WSS) software solutions, has been acquired by the private equity firm Shackleton Equity Partners. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

SafeHarbor’s suite of fully‐managed WSS software solutions are guaranteed to decrease a company’s inbound telephone, email and chat requests resulting in significant saving to the company. SafeHarbor’s flagship WSS software is a call deflection tool that works by answering end‐user’s questions through the company’s website, rather than through direct, personal contact. SafeHarbor is the only WSS provider offering both the software solution and their in‐house expertise to fully manage the hosting, software deployment, editorial revisions, content publication, and reporting necessary for a successful WSS solution.

SafeHarbor’s is the only WSS solution that offers a guaranteed ROI to new customers, which demonstrates its confidence in their software solution and expert team. “This approach allows us to instill confidence in our current and potential clients, as well as showcase our abilities to the many companies which stand to benefit from lower customer service costs,” said Greg Clark, the President of the company. Greg will be continuing with the business as its CEO, and his focus will be on increasing the awareness of the capabilities of SafeHarbor, and demonstrating the ROI guarantee.

SafeHarbor’s current clients include companies such as IBM, American Airlines, T‐Mobile, Sprint and SunTrust. “The success that SafeHarbor has created with these larger companies is one thing that attracted us to this acquisition,” said Mark Schelbert, Managing Partner of Shackleton Equity Partners.

“The fact that SafeHarbor has been able to save companies like American Airlines and T‐Mobile significant amounts of money demonstrates the effectiveness of their software and team. We expect these wins will allow SafeHarbor to continue to catch the eye of potential customers who wish to realize the same savings potential.”

SafeHarbor Technology Corporation will continue to be located in the Seattle, WA area and will honor the warranty and contracts of the existing customers with enhanced customer support.

About SafeHarbor Technology Corporation (
Founded in 1998, the venture capital backed Company is a leading provider of fully‐managed web selfservice
solutions for businesses’ end users. Customers are large multi‐national and national companies that leverage the company’s products to provide customer support while lowering costs and raising customer satisfaction.

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Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, Shackleton Equity Partners seeks to acquire businesses, or non‐core divestitures, located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Shackleton looks at opportunities across all industries including software, hardware, IT, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, media, and heavy equipment. Given the unique combination of operating, finance, and investing experience, Shackleton is able to quickly manage the investment process including due diligence, industry analysis, and operations.