Shopping for a Gift? Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Lehman Brothers Windbreaker

I’m sure this is in no way entertaining for the 22,000-plus Lehman Brothers employees who lost their jobs when the former high-flier declared bankruptcy last fall, but: if you’re out shopping in New York next week and happen to find yourself at Sixth Avenue and West 50th, at the site of one of Lehman’s former Manhattan offices, you’ll find a newly opened retail store where you can buy all manner of Lehman swag. From peach-colored golf shirts to umbrellas, windbreakers and baby rattles — if it says Lehman Brothers, it’ll be priced to move. Proceeds go to Lehman’s creditors. (I’m sure they’re very excited about the fundraising campaign, considering they are owed $250 billion.)

Bloomberg has the story — and the prices.

Of course, you can also shop for Lehman memorabilia at eBay, where it opened a “shop” earlier this month and has sold 16 items so far — to apparently happy customers, judging by its feedback profile. Among the items still available is a “Barrington Leather Captain’s Duffel Bag” for just $39.99. 

All merchandise is guaranteed . . .to say Lehman Brothers somewhere.