Sirtris Prices IPO

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based developer of therapeutics that modulate an enzyme family called sirtuins, priced 6 million common shares at $10 per share, for an IPO take of approximately $60 million. It had originally filed to sell 5 million shares at between $9 and $11 per share. It will trade on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol SIRT, while JPMorgan served as lead underwriter. Sirtris had raised $67 million in VC funding since its 2002 inception (plus $15m in venture debt), from firms like Polaris Venture Partners (14.91% pre-IPO stake), TVM (11.83%), Cardinal Health Partners (9.52%), Skyline Ventures (7.68%) Wellcome Trust (5.13%), Three Arch Partners, Novartis, Cargill Ventures, Cyad Group, Hunt Ventures, Red Abbey, Bessemer Venture Partners, Genzyme Ventures, QVT Fund and Alexandria Real Estate Equity.