SmartKem Takes Investment

SmartKem, the UK-based developer of semiconductor components, has taken an unspecified investment from Porton Group and Finance Wales Limited. The company will use capital to speed along its tech developments. Specifics of the transaction and bankers on the deal were not publicized.


Based in Denbighshire, Wales, SmartKem is a high technology enterprise delivering and generating a novel range of high mobility organic semiconductor molecules and ink formulations compatible with printed electronic processes. This is an inexpensive, low weight, low energy, alternative to silicon semiconductors and can be used to print organic circuits and devices onto thin flexible substrates such as plastics and paper.

The investment comes at a key time for SmartKem who has just completed a key R&D phase and is focusing on the formulation of innovative organic semiconductor inks for improved performance and manufacturing of printed transistor arrays and logic circuits. SmartKem’s vision is to deliver world-leading printable semiconductor technology to the microelectronics industry for applications such as electronic displays, thin-film RFID, smart sensors and printed logic circuits. The funding puts SmartKem at a definitive position in the microelectronics market.

Steve Kelly, CEO SmartKem, comments: “The funding from both the Porton Group and Finance Wales Limited will enable SmartKem to considerably speed up developments and growth. Our semiconductor materials are currently being sampled to a number of electronic device manufacturers and with this investment, SmartKem can scale up market testing and accelerate towards commercialisation. This will allow us to further establish our position as a leading independent provider of organic semiconductor solutions for the printed electronics sector and to continue our breakthrough research and development projects”.

For more information on SmartKem and its innovative process, please call 01745 535190.

About SmartKem

SmartKem ( is a high tech enterprise developing an exciting new technology platform focusing on high performance/high value organic semiconductor materials that can be ‘printed’ to form electronic circuits onto lightweight, rugged and low cost polymer films. Based in the world class Optic Technium centre, North Wales, SmartKem’s main objective is to respond to the demand for low cost, low weight, low energy, rugged electronics.