Social Platform Sulia Raises New Funds

New York-based social platform Sulia recently closed new funding round led by FirstMark Capital, with RSL Venture Partners, IA Ventures, and Village Ventures. Terms of the new round, which closed in August, were not released.


Sulia announced today that it passed the ten million visits per month milestone in August after launching just ten months ago. The New York–based social platform uses proprietary technology to filter experts and their content into compelling topical categories called “channels.” Growth this summer was especially strong: unique visitors per month more than doubled from Fourth of July to Labor day.


“Our growth is accelerating because people are telling their friends about Sulia,” said Sulia CEO Jonathan Glick. “When you know that the people reading you actually care about what you’re saying, you can say much more about your favorite gadget, TV show, or team. Reading and writing about one subject at a time means people aren’t annoyed by the noise. Focusing the conversation opens it up, and people love that.”


Sulia’s channels help consumers make sense of social content by surfacing the strongest voices and content on their favorite subjects. Channels also enable content creators and sharers to conveniently target their thoughts to just the people who care. This solves the signal-to-noise problem of the first generation of social networks. Built from the ground up around a rich taxonomy, Sulia has vibrant channels on hundreds of cities, teams, technologies, genres, hobbies, professions and passions.


Sulia also announced a new funding round led by FirstMark Capital, with RSL Venture Partners, IA Ventures, and Village Ventures. This new round closed in August.


About Sulia:


Sulia is the world’s first-ever subject-based social network, combining crowdsourcing, machine learning, and human supervision to create high-quality channels of content from the world’s best social sources on thousands of subjects and stories. Sulia is based in New York City. Its investors include FirstMark Capital, IA Ventures, Village Ventures, RSL Venture Partners, Founder Collective and SV Angel.