Sunday Night Silliness

60 Minutes typically closes its segments with a profound statement, or at least one that makes you think. But tonight it ended with a red herring.

The source was Anne Lauvergeon, chairwoman of French nuclear energy giant AREVA. She commented that those worried about carbon emissions have just four primary energy technologies from which to choose: Nuclear, hydro, wind and solar. Basically correct. But then this whopper:

“But wind and solar are you know, temporary sources of energy. It works when you have wind, it works when you have sun. No sun, no wind, no energy. You don’t want watch TV only when you have wind.”

It’s true that wind and solar systems typically work in concert with other energy sources to help handle the ebb and flow, but such systems also have storage capabilities. In other words, a wind system might well have stored up enough energy to run your TV and other energy needs for quite some time after the wind stops blowing. Does she also think the opposite is true: That a big wind gust will blow out your circuits? And this doesn’t even take into account the concept of distributed generation.

I’ll assume she is anything but ignorant, and instead figured she might be able to pull one over on Steve Kroft and his producers. The gambit paid off…