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Dental365 marks the third dental-related investment to date for TJC, which also currently owns dental supplier Young Innovations and previously backed Zest Anchors, a manufacturer of overdenture attachments.
Representing the first autism-treatment platform to trade hands in a year-and-a-half, Cerberus joins the long list of private equity firms injecting capital into the fragmented space.
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Smile Doctors, the largest orthodontics-focused DSO in the US, has grown EBITDA by around 5x since the healthcare-focused PE firm backed the business in late 2017.
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Bain preempts a sale process for PartsSource, eager to invest behind a fast-growing technology business helping hospitals run more smoothly by improving supply chain inefficiencies.
The firm will generate a 31% IRR through the sale of the metal processing company.
  Editors across PEI Media’s publications informally surveyed industry pros for book recommendations — and in some cases offered their own. The list below includes just-published options and perennial favorites with a mix of ideas for the beachgoer thinking about their next deal as well as readers looking to dial things back for a bit. […]
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As PE firms have gotten more sophisticated, they’ve deployed more capital than ever before, despite what remains a complex pandemic environment, says EY’s PE analyst.
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The deal for the teen-focused mental health platform provided an exit for Carlyle, which in 2017 backed Newport through its US Equity Opportunity Fund.
Including LiteSentry's add-on for Softsolution, Benford to date has invested in six test and measurement businesses, and eight in the broader industrial tech space.
Megan Preiner, THL
Staying disciplined is crucial in an environment offering a surplus of interesting investment opportunities, says Preiner, whose priority areas include home-based care and pharma services.

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