Tax Debate: It’s Your Turn

A reader yesterday suggested that I’m on a “crusade” to change tax treatment of carried interest for private equity funds. I actually think it’s Congress that’s leading the charge – see the latest – but let’s accept the premise that my coverage has been favorably disposed to such a change. Now it’s your turn.

This is an open call for peHUB readers to explain what you think Congress should do about the tax treatment of carried interest, and why. Just send me an email.

I will run every single response, with particularly good ones getting separate posts in Vox Populi. I also will forward the lot of them to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. The goal is to get a comprehensive sense of how the industry feels on this extremely important issue. Divisions already have sprouted in the UK – Nicholas Ferguson’s lament that he pays a lower tax rate than his cleaning lady, for example – but we’ve heard precious little from a U.S. audience.

So please send me an email with your thoughts. My regular policty is to run only first names of feedbackers, but I would like as many “real names” as possible (only emails with real names will get submitted to Congress). If you are unwilling to use your full name, please indicate that in your email.

Let’s hear ya.