Taxes Make Grover Blue

In an earlier post today on carried interest taxes, I wrote the following:

Most Republicans are dead-set against any sort of tax increase on carried interest, because they view it as an opening salvo against the 15% capital gains rate (for everyone). As one private equity lobbyist explained to me: “The question to ask is: ‘Would Grover Norquist support it?’ It’s not quite that simple, but it’s also not that far off base.”

Well, Grover Norquist has decided to leave no doubt about his opposition to such a tax change, via a staged interview posted at YouTube (posted after jump). He makes a baseless argument about how a tax increase would dissuade private equity firms from investing in turnaround opportunities (thus devaluing the overall stock market), and also neglects to mention that a Republican co-sponsored the Senate’s so-called Blackstone Bill. But, since some people still find him relevant, here’s Grover: