Taylor Capital Group Names Advisors

Taylor Capital Group, general partner and investment manager of the Mountain West Debt Fund, has named two new advisors: Michael Sansom, a principal at Sussex Group; and Harold Turley, the owner and executive vice president of Tetra. Taylor Capital Group, has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Henderson, Nevada.



Taylor Capital Group, LLC, general partner and investment manager of the Mountain West Debt Fund, LP, has formed an advisory board. It has named two advisors: Michael Sansom, principal, Sussex Group, and Harold Turley, owner and executive vice president, Tetra.


Each quarter, the advisory board will review the fund’s finances, asset allocations, and strategic direction with management. The advisors will act as a voice for the limited partners, provide third party guidance and enhance fund transparency.


“Local expertise and real estate acumen are critical to our rigorous underwriting processes, and we envision the advisors acting as a brain trust for the fund,” stated Mark Taylor, principal and managing director, Taylor Capital Group. “We are very happy Harold and Michael have agreed to serve as advisors, and we have great respect for their insights.”


Both Sansom and Turley bring a wealth of local and real estate industry expertise to their roles:


Michael Sansom brings more than thirty-five years of experience in real estate investment in western states. His expertise includes development, distressed loan purchases, private capital lending, domestic and international finance, and housing revenue bond restructuring.


Harold Turley is a founding partner of Tetra, a multi-million dollar equipment leasing company. Turley has served in executive positions with several Utah-based banks as well as United Bank of California and is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Rutgers University.


About the Mountain West Debt Fund


The Mountain West Debt Fund™ invests in short-term, real estate secured debt. It is a source of private funding for carefully selected, well-established real estate developers with proven track records of performance. The fund consists of pooled capital from private investors and prioritizes capital preservation. Its structure provides much of the transparency required of public real estate funds, including quarterly reports, third party audits, monthly distributions of income to investors, and an advisory board.


About Taylor Capital Group, LLC


Taylor Capital Group, LLC with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Henderson, Nevada, is the general partner and investment manager of the Mountain West Debt Fund, LP.