Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

So I’m watching NBC Nightly News last evening (yes, I still do that on occasion), and hear that some video has emerged showing George Bush discussing the economy when he thought cameras weren’t rolling. My first thought was: “He either said something really dumb, or really insensitive.” Then the clip rolls, and the only memorable takeaway is Bush saying: “Wall Street got drunk.”

BFD. Can something be scandalous if everyone already accepts it as a given? Sure it’s a bit more candid than presidents normally are, but it’s not like he called out anyone in particular. I was waiting for a follow-up about how Wall Street’s bender was enabled by Washington’s decision to turn a blind eye in the name of an ownership economy. You know, something that would have noted how Bush improperly absolved his administration and appointees of any blame. But no, just the comments. Maybe the irony also was supposed to be a given…

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