Ten Hot Stories: LPs Talk Tough to VCs, ‘First Close’ Gets More Elusive, Twitter’s Costolo Talks VCs and Burritos

Time to catch up on some hot stories you may have missed this week. Here are the 10 most popular posts on peHUB based on number of unique pageviews from our regular readers for May 13 – 17.

1. LPs to VCs: Cut Fund Size, Show Us the Money and Stop Lying – by Joanna Glasner
2. PE Funds Increasingly Struggle to Hold ‘First Close’ – by Connie Loizos
3. Twitter CEO Costolo on Improv, VCs and Burritos – by Joanna Glasner
4. Andreessen: Decline of IPOs Could Hit Middle Class – by Reuters
5. TPG Scores Big Windfall with Quintiles, Northern Tier IPOs – by Luisa Beltran
6. Jobs of the Week: Apollo, Blackstone, NYSTRS and SVB Hiring in London and NYC – by Angela Sormani
7. Grotech Ventures Raises $225 Million With Simple Pitch: We Sell Our Startups – by Connie Loizos
8. Game Over: U.S. LBO Returns Beat Public Equities – David Toll
9. Blackstone Planning to Create New Hedge Fund – FT – by Reuters
10. CTI Foods Sells to Private Equity for Third Time – by Luisa Beltran

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