TEXO Ventures Launches

TEXo Ventures has been launched in Austin, Texas, to make seed and early-stage investments of up to $2 million in healthcare companies. The firm’s founders are Philip Sanger, M.D., Jerry DeVries and Randall Crowder.

Press release:
TEXO Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on building innovative healthcare companies through seed and early stage investment, announced the official launch of their new investment approach.

Founded by Philip Sanger, M.D., Jerry DeVries and Randall Crowder, TEXO Ventures draws on its partners’ expertise in healthcare and business development to create a new model for building innovative healthcare companies. TEXO makes seed and early-stage investments up to $2 million in healthcare companies led by passionate entrepreneurs.

Derived from the Latin word texo, meaning to build with great care, TEXO Ventures recognizes that the key to a company’s long-term success is making smart decisions from the very beginning. Working side-by-side with our entrepreneurs, TEXO Ventures provides both the capital and the collaboration needed for successful commercialization.

Jimmy Treybig, a successful entrepreneur and venture partner with New Enterprise Associates, believes that “Texas is an attractive business environment for healthcare companies. In particular, Austin has a strong community of healthcare companies and professionals that continues to grow and positively impact our local economy. The local healthcare eco-system will truly benefit from having an investment firm like TEXO Ventures, which proactively partners with and mentors young healthcare companies after they invest.”

Joe Cunningham, M.D., a managing director at Sante Ventures adds, “I know and have worked alongside the founders of TEXO for many years. They have a strong track record of identifying and growing successful healthcare companies. What they will offer companies in the initial stages of commercialization are vital counsel, capital and skills to help entrepreneurs purposefully grow their companies.”

Many healthcare start-ups chose Texas because of its business-friendly environment, pool of human capital, and strategic location to some of the largest medical centers in the country. TEXO Ventures recognizes this unique environment as an opportunity to offer years of practical business experience to successfully launch and grow healthcare companies.

About TEXO Ventures

TEXO Ventures invests in and builds innovative healthcare companies, but — more importantly — we invest in passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing the art, science, and business of healthcare. We work side-by-side with these company founders, providing both the capital investment and expert collaboration necessary to move young healthcare companies towards successful commercialization. For more information about our investment focus and collaborative approach, visit www.TEXOventures.com.