The (Fast) Return of Jesse Rogers?

Back in April, we broke news that Jesse Rogers was leaving Golden Gate Capital, the firm he co-founded in 2000. All indications were that it was a real retirement, with Rogers planning to spend his golden years kite-boarding or playing cribbage (I’m not certain how active a lifestyle he pursues).

But it seems the retirement may have been short-lived. Private Equity Insider today reported that Rogers has formed a new firm called Altamont Capital Partners, which is expected to seek up to $500 million for its debut fund. Moreover, Rogers may “try to recruit some of his old Golden Gate colleagues.”

This sounds like it’s still in the early planning stages, and the only online reference to Altamont is on some recent campaign contributions from Rogers to Meg Whitman’s campaign for California governor. I’m reaching out to some Golden Gate limited partners (at least one so far has confirmed the basics), and hope to have some additional info later today…