The Giant Pixel Corporation builds entrepreneur in residence program

The Giant Pixel Corporation is building its entrepreneur in residence program. Finance professional Kunal Agarwal has joined the team.


After nearly ten years of success in finance, Kunal Agarwal was on track towards the highest levels of achievement in his industry: making partner at one of the top firms. But it was his move into private equity that brought new perspective. Finding a rhythm guiding his investments through recovery and to success, he realized where his passion lay: to lead a company from its conception. It was a passion he could not address from within the structures of high finance.

That’s when Giant Pixel Corporation founder Alan Braverman entered the picture – Alan was looking for someone with entrepreneurial drive and the ability to maximize on Giant Pixel’s unorthodox software studio. With his experience evaluating and supporting portfolio companies, Kunal was selected to become a Giant Pixel Entrepreneur in Residence. “Unlike most organizations, we want every employee to leave – specifically, with each company they’re preparing to spin out,” Braverman explains. “Kunal is a natural for figuring out how our ideas become businesses.”

“The biggest incentive is to come up with the new big idea,” says Kunal. “It comes from a personal place because you get to develop an idea, a project, a product and then grow that idea into a successful brand.”

The advantage of being able to lead a company within The Giant Pixel Corporation is that Kunal can tap the brainpower of the three managing partners at Giant Pixel. Alan Braverman, Elliot Loh and John Cwikla bring a wealth of startup experience to the table through significant achievements (over $3 billion in value in companies, including Yammer, Xoom, Geni and Eventbrite). Leading by example, the three partners have built a platform to elevate the startups as well as the teams that eventually leave as founders.

“Giant Pixel provides opportunities where talented, driven people develop products, but they also expand their own skills as they prepare to spin out,” states Alan Braverman. “The EIR will help create the broader business functions that we can then leverage across the other startups we create here.”

“When I come back and visit Giant Pixel after leading a company, I want to see people utilizing the systems that I implemented when I was there,” states Kunal, “Nothing would make me happier than to see the building blocks I built and implemented for the company being used, as the next EIR digs their teeth into a project that may ultimately spin out on its own.”

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