The peHUB 2011 International Private Equity Intern Draft

Happy New Year! Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived. We’re going to shift things around at and this year’s intern recruitment program will proceed NBA draft-style. Those of you following the Knicks, Nets or Timberwolves know the drill and are used to the early picks. That isn’t to say the #1 pick is going to a PE firm with the worst returns, of course. We’ll be determining picks via a highly specialized lottery process that may or may not simply be chicken-bingo behind the Thomson Reuters Times Square offices. Later, we’ll follow up with our successful interns, and PE firms, as we look to usher the next generation of Schwarzmans and Kravises into their first step to business stardom.

If you’re a PE firm in search of a good intern, the Hub’s got you covered. And, interns, be sure to get those resumes triple-spell-checked if you’re looking to “take your talents” to a top LBO shop—but do NOT send them to us! All job posters should e-mail us (either myself, at, or with their posts detailing the length and location of position, a job description, any stipend information and the interviewer’s contact info. Bribes will not work to get you up the lottery ladder, but an anonymous scoop probably won’t hurt your chances.

Step one: we’re going to have the PE firms contact us with the following criteria: firm name, type of business (VC, lender, PE, consulting, banking, etc.), job location and any other pertinent details. We’ll keep your identity anonymous, if you’d prefer, but many firms like to get their names out there. Step two: we’ll post each of the listings at our peHUB MBA Forum, which is accessed by hundreds of candidates every year from numerous programs. The remaining steps are up to our MBA Forum members and our student readers.

So, PE pros, get in touch with all your contact information if you’re looking to take on some young talent. We work with university program administrators to ensure everyone in their programs have access to our MBA forum, and if you know of someone who would benefit from participating, please pass this e-mail along to them.

**ALSO: prospective interns, as we stated earlier in this post, please don’t send any materials directly to the Hub; we will not be viewing any of them and resumes and cover letters are deleted. If you don’t know your school access code, contact your program administrator, who should have it. We don’t give the access code directly to students, sorry.