The Return of Jeff Rosenkranz

The last time I spoke with Jeff Rosenkranz was March 2008, just after he stepped down as head of mid-market banking with Piper Jaffray. Pretty good timing, and Rosenkranz enjoyed semi-retirement while the economy burned.

Now he’s back, launching a new mid-market investment bank called Metronome Partners.

“I loved the time I had with my family over the last couple of years, but I began to get an itch to get back into the business last winter,” Rosenkranz told me this afternoon. “I thought long and hard about whether to join a bigger firm or do something on my own, and ultimately decided to do it on my own. I think it’s the relationships that matter the most, and wanted to do it in a way that can really focus on the quality of advice, rather than the quantity.”

Metronome is based in Chicago, and will provide mid-market banking services to family-owned companies, entrepreneurs, private equity sponsors and corporate acquirers. The team currently stands at four professionals, including Rosenkranz and fellow managing directors Shane McDaniel and Scott Hales (co-founders of Marksman Venture Partners). Chris Larson is abvoard as a marketing director.

“I suspect we’ll grow, and at this point our first goal is to build a bigger Chicago hub,” Rosenkranz says. “I’ve had conversations with people outside of the area, but first we want to add some people here.”