The Spaulding Group Appoints Fowler as President

David Spaulding, founder and chief executive officer of The Spaulding Group, has promoted Patrick W. Fowler to the position of president. Spaulding relinquishes the title, which he has held since the founding of the firm nearly 23 years ago, while retaining the role of CEO. Patrick will also continue to hold the title of COO.


David Spaulding, CIPM, founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Spaulding Group, announced today the promotion of Patrick W. Fowler to the position of President. David Spaulding relinquishes the title, which he has held since the founding of the firm nearly 23 years ago, while retaining the role of Chief Executive Officer. Patrick will also continue to hold the title of Chief Operating Officer.

“Patrick has been an instrumental member of our firm for 15 years. During this time he has grown considerably, taking on increasingly challenging and important roles,” said David Spaulding. “He has been responsible for our highly successful Performance Membership Forum membership group, which continues to hold inspiring and informative meetings for our nearly 60 member firms. He coordinates our annual Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk conferences, which have become the leading performance conferences in both North America and Europe. And, he coordinates many of our other activities, always willing to assume greater responsibility.”

“It has been my great honor to be part of the growth and success of The Spaulding Group. Our industry has experienced a tremendous amount of change in the fifteen years since I began here at TSG,” said Patrick W. Fowler. “I look forward to continuing in the traditions, excellence and thought leadership that have become the hallmarks of our incredible company.”

Patrick is a 1998 graduate of Cook College, Rutgers University as well as a mini-MBA certificate holder in the Business Essentials Program from Rutgers Business School. Patrick received the 2011 Dietz Award for excellence in performance measurement literature for his article with Stephen Campisi, Getting to the Heart of Investing – Financial Stewardship that Meets Client Objectives. He is also the Director of, a career resource for investment performance professionals and is the Managing Editor of The Journal of Performance Measurement®. A former member of the NJ Army National Guard and a township soccer and baseball coach, Patrick and his wife Cristina have two children.

About The Spaulding Group, Inc.
With offices in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, The Spaulding Group, Inc. is the leader in investment performance measurement products and services. TSG provides consulting along with GIPS and non-GIPS verification services; offers a unique Software Certification service; publishes The Journal of Performance Measurement®, a quarterly publication launched in 1996; and hosts the Performance Measurement Forum. The firm also sponsors the annual Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk (PMAR) North America and Europe conferences. TSG’s Institute of Performance Measurement offers performance measurement training, including a fundamental’s course on performance measurement, a course on performance attribution, a class on portfolio risk, and two CIPM exam preparation courses.