Time To Man Up…

This morning AP quoted House Reps. saying, and I paraphrase, “Everyone wants this to pass, but no one wants to vote for it.” Its as if the press is going to make up hit lists of the guilty bailout supporters for voters to line up and execute.

And perhaps that’s not completely off the table, when you read accounts stating the press distorted the public’s view of the “wildly unpopular” bailout plan. That same service reports that there is a correlation between “no” votes and seats up for re-election in very close races.

UPDATE: That hit list? They made it, but for the no-voters, and justifiably so.

Do the nay-sayers look like heroes? No. Do they have a better plan up their sleeves? No. Do they realize that their constituents today (the same ones who supposedly want Wall Street to bail itself out, the same ones who might be in danger of foreclosure) watched their investment portfolios diminish before their eyes as the stock market plunged? Who knows. Either way, those who voted to save their jobs should perhaps take a lesson from John McCain’s comments at Friday’s debate. You may remember he called himself both “unpopular” and a “sheriff” who votes on principle, not popularity, in between about five references to Reagan. Ironic that Reagan’s name was invoked by one of the only anti-bailout voters quoted in the Times’ post-vote write-up.