Tom, Meet Al

In this month’s VCJ, Tom Perkins says he doesn’t see eye to eye with John Doerr on the issue of global warming. “John and I — we don’t agree,” he tells VCJ’s Joanna Glasner. “I’m not a Holocaust denier. I’m not saying climate doesn’t change. … We perhaps only differ as to the degree of mankind’s responsibility for the acknowledged warming. I am not quite sure that it’s 100 percent.”

Oh, my. Kleiner Perkins may want to consider selling tickets to its next LP meeting, where Perkins will inevitably rub shoulders with KP’s newest partner, Al Gore.

I’ve got a scene in my head. I’m hoping peHUB readers can help me finish it:

Doerr: “Tom, I’d like you to meet Al. Al, this is Tom.”

Gore: “Pleased to meet you, Tom. I’d like to talk to you about your carbon footprint.”

Perkins: (Insert comment here).

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