Tony Trousset Sends a Note

On Monday we reported that Tony Trousset had quietly left Lehman Brothers, where he was global co-head of software investment banking. Lehman declined to comment, and Trousset didn’t reply to our email, voicemail or Facebook message (can’t say we’re not multimedia persistent).

But apparently the post itself had some impact, as Trousset has emailed to say that he plans to spend the summer with his family (including a trip to Italy – insert jealousy here), and then do one of two things: (1) Start his own firm, (2) Ask Frank Quattrone for a job with Qatalyst Group.

Trousset did not explain his reason for leaving Lehman. I gave it a shot by suggesting it was because Lehman has recently shrunk its Menlo Park-based tech banking group (mostly on the junior level) and grown its New York-based tech banking group (again, junior level). Trousset – who had been based in Menlo Park — didn’t take the bait. Smart guy…