Tritium Partners launches new investment platform

Tritium Partners has launched a new investment platform that will target information services companies. Mark Parise, the former CEO of First Advantage, will head the new platform.


AUSTIN, TEXAS – August 1st, 2018 – Tritium Partners, a leading growth-focused private equity firm, today announced a new investment platform to be led by Mark Parise, the former CEO of First Advantage and President of IRI. Mr. Parise joins the Tritium CEO PartnersTM program, which was established by Tritium’s principals fifteen years ago to pursue investment strategies in partnership with proven, high-caliber executives. Under this program, Mr. Parise will head the new platform and will work closely with Tritium to prioritize investment opportunities in information services.

Mr. Parise is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of scaling information companies and creating significant equity value. Most recently, he was the CEO of First Advantage, a global leader in background-screening and compliance services for employers and property managers. Prior to First Advantage, Mr. Parise was the President of IRI, a global information and market research firm that provided business intelligence to consumer-packaged goods, retail, over-the-counter healthcare and media companies. Notably, at both First Advantage and IRI, he substantially grew the revenue of each business during his tenure while driving even greater EBITDA growth. Mr. Parise also served as President of Experian Marketing Services, where he led consumer-marketing information, technology, and analytics for major retailers and financial institutions.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mark to invest in a platform focused on data-driven business intelligence solutions,” said David Lack, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Tritium. “Mark’s extensive expertise in information services will be incredibly valuable to founders and management teams looking for ways to further maximize their growth potential in both existing and new markets.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Parise has successfully built global information platforms by understanding how to connect businesses to the most valuable information through sophisticated technology and business-service capabilities. Early in his career, while serving as a Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank, where he was a founding executive of Chase Automotive Finance, Mr. Parise developed the concept and technology that would eventually become DealerTrack, one of the largest information systems for auto dealerships.

“I am excited to be a CEO Partner with the Tritium team as they share my deep passion for growing data and analytics companies,” said Mr. Parise. “We plan to focus on investing in next-generation information companies that are solving complex-decisioning needs for businesses by providing actionable insights. Specifically, I am looking forward to working with other entrepreneurs who desire to partner with us to build a leading, high-growth information provider.”

About Tritium Partners
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