Trive Capital makes three add-ons to metal processing platform

Trive Capital portfolio company Valence Surface Technologies, a metal processing and finishing company, has acquired Pride Plating, Dynamic Paint Solutions and Coastline Metal Finishing. The acquisitions create a large, independent metal processing platform that works in the aerospace sector and serves the West Coast, Midwest, Oklahoma/Texas and the Southeast.

Press Release

Trive Capital, the Dallas-based private equity fund, is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Valence Surface Technologies (“Valence”), has acquired Pride Plating (“Pride”), Dynamic Paint Solutions (“DPS”) and Coastline Metal Finishing (“CMF”), which collectively add key locations, approvals and complementary offerings to better support its aerospace customers. Together with Valence, the acquisitions form the largest, independent metal processing platform that is dedicated to streamlining the aerospace supply chain and is capable of servicing the West Coast, Midwest, Oklahoma/Texas and Southeast machining/assembly markets.

Based outside of Tulsa, OK, Pride differentiates in the processing and sub-assembly of large aluminum and titanium aerostructures, particularly on aircraft with complex contours and/or masking requirements such as the F-35. Similarly, DPS focuses on commercial and general aviation finishing, and is strategically located in Georgia with close proximity to the emerging aerospace machining hubs in the southeast. Finally, CMF specializes in intricate plating and other unique surface treatments on mission critical components utilized in the space/satellite, unmanned-aerial-vehicle, missile and commercial aircraft interior niches.

“The addition of the Pride, DPS and CMF businesses provides Valence entrance into critical aerospace machining markets, as well as access to new OEM relationships and technical expertise that will be shared across the enterprise. Valence and Trive will also continue to invest to expand capacity, implement production systems and add services in each location to position the Company as an efficient, one-stop offering to its machining customers,” commented David Stinnett, Managing Director at Trive Capital.

Conner Searcy, Managing Partner at Trive Capital, noted “Trive has completed six transactions during the past nine months to create the Valence organization, with the vision to build a differentiated surface technology platform that provides solutions to challenges faced by the aerospace supply chain. The acquisition of these new facilities exemplifies our ability to move quickly and serve as the preferred partner of owner-operators in executing on a shared strategic plan.”

About Valence Surface Technologies
Valence Surface Technologies provides specialized metal processing and finishing services to a diversified set of fast growing commercial aerospace, defense, and space/satellite markets. The business is one of the largest independent A&D metal processors in NA, operating seven facilities in key regions with a broad range of service offerings and extensive list of critical prime approvals and customers.

About Trive Capital
Trive Capital ( is a Dallas, TX-based private equity firm focused on making control private equity investments in companies based in the US and Canada. Trive is currently investing from a $300M institutional fund raised in 2013. Trive utilizes proven operational best practices and identifies actionable opportunities that allow businesses, shareholders and employees to realize their full long-term potential.