Turnaround Firm Lives Up To Its Billing: Solves Lawrence Taylor Problem

Turnaround consultancy Conway MacKenzie had a cocktail reception scheduled for last Thursday, as a belated introduction to New York City (it opened shop there two years ago). But it also had a big problem: Lawrence Taylor.

You see, Conway Mackenzie had booked Taylor to appear at the event, to sign autographs for attendees, etc. It even featured Taylor’s name on the invitation (see below). Unfortunately, last Thursday also is the day that Taylor was booked for statatory rape, after allegedly hiring an underage prostitute to join him in a Rockland County hotel room.

“I landed in New York City at around 11am, and got all call about various contingency plans,” says CEO Van Conway. “I said, ‘Contingency for what?'”

Conway MacKenzie had used a sports booking agency, and soon managed to secure NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan (seen in photo with Van Conway). To be honest, he probably would have been a better choice in the first place (Jets are hot, 1980s Giants are not). Conway tells me that Ryan spoke to everyone who came up to him and signed 350 footballs.

Not a traditional turnaround, but a pretty good one anyway…