Twelve Court Buys Aegom Interactive

Newburyport, Mass.-based private equity investor Twelve Court Inc. has acquired Aegom Interactive. Terms of the deal were not released. Aegom publishes education content for use with the SMART Notebook software. The company is based in Centerville, Mass.

Twelve Court Inc., a private equity company based in Newburyport, Mass, has acquired Aegom Interactive LLC, a Centerville, Mass. organization that publishes education content for use with SMART board. The company will now be called Aegom Interactive, Inc.

“After working in the education marketplace for the past 28 years, I am committed to finding new ways of learning and helping inner city kids break the poor economic cycle through effective education,” said Todd Deluca, the new CEO of Aegom Interactive Inc.

Aegom Interactive develops standards-aligned curriculum titles using the award-winning SMART Notebook software. Its exemplar Notebook lessons are visual and highly interactive and install directly into the SMART Notebook Gallery, which makes them tremendously useful and accessible for teachers. Used in more than 10,000 classrooms across the U.S., Aegom’s products were the first worldwide to receive SMART’s prestigious “Elite” accreditation.

The new management team expects to grow the business in a number of ways. “We are going to increase our sales force through independent resellers,” Deluca added. “We will also begin to expand the product on an annual basis and this expansion will be made available to our customers through subscriptions.”


In response to increasing demand for SMART Board-ready curriculum resources, Aegom Interactive was awarded a contract by SMART Technologies to write and develop curriculum using the award-winning SMART Notebook software. Aegom’s first Notebook title, Middle School Math for SMART Notebook, was released in September, 2008, and was the first title to receive SMART’s “Select” accreditation: the highest level of accreditation that SMART awards for SMART Board-ready instructional materials. As well as developing high-quality Notebook curricula, Aegom also provides educationally-focused training for SMART Boards and SMART Notebook. Aegom’s trainers distinguish themselves by their high level of product knowledge, and their focus on applying training to teaching and learning objectives.