Twin Bridge Capital Buys Our Love With Best Holiday Gift Ever

Even though Christmas isn’t a competition, Twin Bridge Capital Partners won. For the holidays, the firm has gone above and beyond the standard holiday fruit basket. They’ve gone beyond even a nice Hickory Farms sampler set or a blanket-they’ve sent a blanket with sleeves. Yep, this week one lucky Buyouts editor received a Private Equity Snuggie.

Not only has the firm sent us this gem of American pop culture, but Twin Bridge went ahead and blew our minds by embroidering its logo on the sleeve. We didn’t even know you could order custom Snuggies, but consider this a game-changer in the realm of gift-giving. After all, nothing screams warmth-while-keeping-your-arms-free like leveraged buyouts.

So when you’re wearing your Snuggie at a high school football game (as recommended) and someone asks, “Oh hey, where’s that Snuggie from?” you can go ahead an answer, “Oh, its from Twin Bridge Capital Partners, like this here logo says. Ever heard of ‘em?” Then your friend can say, “No, I haven’t. By the way, I was thinking of selling my sector-leading company with mission-critical products and sticky revenue. Know any qualified buyers?” And the conversation goes from there.*

But the embroidered Snuggie is not all we received. Nay, it gets even better. Twinbridge’s generous gift includes a Christmas card with a photo of its partners donning Snuggies while reading Buyouts magazine. We are of course flattered, and can’t help but wonder if they used a different photo for every media outlet they sent Snuggies to, which would be extremely impressive, or if they put all their eggs in one basket and sent everyone a card picturing Buyouts. (Did anyone else get one?) Either way, it was a nice touch.

*Snuggies not actually proven to create deal flow.