PE HUB Second Opinion

Honeywell and United Technologies held merger talks, CNBC reports.

Scientists estimate seas may rise three to four feet by 2100.

Tim Cook calls on Congress to form commission on privacy issues.

Mark Zuckerberg backs Apple in its refusal to unlock the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone. But more than half of Americans think the company should comply with the FBI, a Pew survey finds.

Republican Marco Rubio is winning the Wall Street fundraising race.

Sovereign wealth funds may withdraw $404.3 billion from global stock markets this year, according to a Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute report.

Recession is already a reality in four U.S. states, according to indexes of state economic performance tracked by Moody’s Analytics.

Italy agrees to armed U.S. drone missions over Libya.

Twitter hires former Apple executive Natalie Kerris as VP of communications.

Amazon raises the minimum order size for free shipping as it seeks more Prime buyers.

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