Unintentional Comedy and Grief

This morning’s PE Week Wire email included an item about how Forbes reporter Erika Brown is leaving to become director of marketing and communications for Matrix Partners. Nice little scooplet that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

But then I messed the whole thing up by listing www.matrix.com as the firm’s URL, instead of the correct www.matrixpartners.com. Seems what I listed actually led to a haircare company, whose homepage looks like the above photo.

The results amused some readers, including one who wrote: “I’ve talked to Erika countless times, but she never mentioned her modeling. Must have wanted to keep it on the down-low. Wonder how Matrix will react?”

Then there were those who take typos way too seriously: “Was this meant to be a joke? A woman gets a financial job and you make light of it by linking to this sexually-charged photo? I’m extremely disappointed in you.”

At least most readers fell into the former category, which means they know I’m far more prone to mistakes than to misogyny.