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VC-backed Localytics buys Splitforce

Localytics has acquired Splitforce, an automated optimization tool for mobile apps. No financial terms were disclosed. Localytics’ backers include Sapphire Ventures, Foundation Capital and Polaris Partners.


BOSTON, April 14, 2015: Localytics, the complete marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps, today announced the acquisition of Splitforce, an automated optimization tool purpose-built for mobile apps. With the acquisition, Splitforce co-founders Zac Aghion and David Ruiz join the Localytics team, bringing additional data science expertise to fuel the company’s predictive app marketing capabilities. Predictive app marketing helps app marketers and product managers leverage user data to predict and personalize engagement with app users at every stage of the customer journey.

“Apps have dramatically increased consumers’ expectations for experiences catered to their individual needs, while giving businesses a new dataset to tap into for better decisioning,” said Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics. “We’re focused on helping businesses turn that data into personalized engagement, and Splitforce has the best team and technology in place to deliver on the cutting-edge of that mission: predictive app marketing.”

Over 250 mobile applications, including Marks & Spencer’s Cook with M&S and PicCollage, have used Splitforce to test and target different variations of app experiences and marketing messages and collect data on how each variation performs against the app’s key metrics. Through the application of machine learning algorithms called Auto-Optimization, the tool learns to show successful variations more often and quickly eliminates suboptimal variants. With Auto-Optimization, app marketers and product managers save time optimizing their apps while also driving higher user engagement and retention through more effective, targeted marketing.

“The mass proliferation of mobile and web apps has made the app opportunity a data opportunity,” said Zac Aghion, Splitforce Co-Founder and CEO. “Localytics and Splitforce share the vision to empower marketers with data-driven, predictive insights personalized to each of their app users.”

Aghion joins Localytics to lead Localytics’ predictive actions team, which focuses on converting granular data into powerful insights that predict a user’s next move. Co-founder David Ruiz joins Localytics’ engineering team.

The deal closed at the end of March for an undisclosed amount.

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