VC-backed Martini Media Strikes a Deal

Martini Media, the digital media platform backed by Venrock, Reed Elsevier Ventures and Granite Ventures, has acquired TDP Media Group, a London-based digital media firm. Specifics on the transaction were not publicized. The two companies have shared in a joint partnership since December 2010.


Martini Media (, the digital platform for reaching uber-influencers across lifestyle and B2B content, has acquired TDP Media Group (, a London-based European digital media company, in a deal that creates a new pipeline to the people with the most influence and money online. With hundreds of b-to-b and lifestyle sites throughout Europe, TDP creates a springboard for Martini’s expansion into new international markets, and provides advertisers with a single resource for a pivotal audience.
The two companies have operated a partnership since December 2010, and since that time Martini has used the presence in Europe to attract such clients as Phillips, Canon, Harrods and Porsche. These advertisers are signing on to tap into a concentrated pool of uber-influencers, as defined by a June 2011 Added Value study (“Beyond Influence,” that concluded the Martini platform creates a 92% chance of connecting with people who share and buy the most online.
“We’re making possible a more effective way to mass market—starting with the most influential people and working out,” said Erik Pavelka, COO of Martini Media. “Because we aggregate the niche sites where uber-influencers go first for content and community in their passion areas, we offer a way for marketers to gain critical mass quickly. For publishers, we create a pipeline to premium advertising they wouldn’t normally get. Buying TDP gives us the stable base we need to expand rapidly in Europe and beyond.”
The combined network includes such advertisers as American Express, Burberry, Dell, Emirates and UPS. Lifestyle publishers include Bloginity, World Golf Tour, and Gayot, and B2B publishers include Reed Elsevier, United Business Media, and Architizer. Martini’s international audience—more than 120 million unique users across 1,000 sites—spends more time online, buys more, and buys more often, than any other group.
“We are both trailblazers,” said Matt Gower, Managing Director, TDP Media. “First it was in aggregating the niche sites that engage the hardest people to reach online. Now it is in creating branded content at scale within true enthusiast sites. Next it will be in fully automated marketing on a global scale.”
The Martini-TDP partnership represents the first step toward a truly integrated, global media option for reaching the most affluent consumers at work and at play. As digital formats expand, Martini and TDP will offer marketers an array of content creation and social marketing options, first on a pan-Atlantic basis, and ultimately around the world.
About Martini Media
Martini Media is the platform for engaging people with the most influence and money online. Martini allows advertisers to build campaigns influence-first by scaling niche sites—the places these people prioritize because they cater to passions—into an audience of more than 120 million. Martini provides a publisher network of 1,000 sites in lifestyle and business with revenue support encompassing Web, video, mobile, email, social and data. For more than 270 premium-advertising clients, Martini combines proprietary audience targeting and tracking with full-service marketing support. Martini Media was founded in 2008, funded by Venrock, Reed Elsevier Ventures and Granite Ventures, along with a number of prominent angel investors. For more information,
About TDP Media Group
TDP Media Group (owns and operates Europe’s largest B2B and affluent audience targeting networks. The company’s B2B network, The Digital Partnership ( comprises more than 350 specialist business websites. The company’s affluent audience network, Affluent Digital Media (, comprises more than 100 consumer sites catering to high-net-worth individuals.