VC Guitar Hero

Soul Patch album coverSeems Roger McNamee has some serious competition in the Guitar Hero department. You’ll recall that VC/buyout maven McNamee moonlights as a guitarist for Moon Alice. Now comes word that Ryan McIntyre, a general partner at Foundry Group, is also a guitarist for a band called Soul Patch (I think the name’s tongue in cheek; at least I hope it is). Soul Patch just released its second album, “Sooner or Later.” I can’t say I love the tunes — which are an eclectic mix of homages to the likes of Rush, Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead and 1980s hair bands — but there’s no denying McIntyre knows how to play guitar. There are some killer riffs in there. I propose a battle of the bands between Moon Alice and Soul Patch, with the losing band handing over its instruments to the winner. Check out Soul Patch here and Moon Alice here and let me know who you think is better.