VC Keeps Appealing for Help

1135225835292[1].jpgWhy does Kaj-Erik Relander of Accel Partners look so glum? Probably because he lost an appeal to remove “convicted felon” from his resume. But don’t get too down yet Kaj – you’ve still got one more shot with Finland’s Supreme Court. 

Relander, you might remember, was convicted in 2005 of having violated Finnish privacy laws while still CEO of telecom giant Sonera Corp. (now part of TeliaSonera). Specifically, the court found that Relander had ordered an illegal review of employee phone logs in order to determine who leaked information to the media about an internal company dispute.

He received a six-month suspended sentence, while Sonera security chief Juha Miettinen got a 10-month suspended sentence.

Relander has been fighting his conviction ever since, but last week lost an appeal in front of the Helsinki Court of Appeals (although the Court did throw out charges related to email log snooping). He told reporters that he would file one last appeal with the Finnish Supreme Court, but press reports suggest that such appeals are only successful in around 10% of cases.

Since joining Accel Partners in 2001, Relander has worked on deals like Artimi, Carrier IQ, The Cloud, Discretix, Mobile Cohesion, Outsmart, Pontis, Sonim, Surfkitchen, Swift-Find and Volantis.