VCs Like Barack

peHUB recently broke down which presidential candidates were getting the most financial support from the buyout market. Now it’s the venture capitalists’ turn.

The clear winner is Barack Obama, who in 2007 has raised $128,208 from 75 different VCs. Running second is Mitt Romney with $94,500 from 51 contributors, while Hillary Clinton ($45,950), Chris Dodd ($22,700) and Rudy Giuliani ($21,100) round out the top five.

vcdonations2Democrats raised nearly 60% more than did Republicans, compared to an 18% advantage for the GOP among buyout pros. If you add the two groups together (i.e., the entire private equity market), you get around $762k for the Republicans and nearly $749k for the Democrats. Basically a tie, which is what peHUB saw when it did an unscientific presidential poll earlier this year. Big money red tempered by coastal residency blue…

The data analysis was based on Federal Election Commission records for the first three quarters of 2007. It was limited to searches for employees of venture capital firms that have raised at least $150 million in fund capital since 2000.

Downloadable Data:
Donations by individual: VCFundraising.xls
Donations by candidate: VCTotals.xls