Ventizz Capital Exits QSIL

Ventizz Capital is exiting its 60% stake in QSIL, the firm announced Monday. The buyer is a consortium led by QSIL’s chief executive Stephan Behr. Terms of the sale were not released. Ventizz Capital is based in Dusseldorf. Germany’s QSIL is a specialty quartz glass manufacturer focusing on the creation of round shapes and special products.

Ventizz sells majority stake in QSIL AG Quarzschmelze Ilmenau
• 60% stake being sold to CEO-led consortium
• Ventizz investors earn five times their invested capital
• Dr. Vorndran, CEO of Ventizz: “a success story that epitomises the investment
philosophy of Ventizz”
Düsseldorf/Ilmenau – 18 July 2011. Ventizz Capital Fund III L.P. (Ventizz) is selling
its 60% share in QSIL AG Quarzschmelze Ilmenau (QSIL) to a consortium of private
investors being led by QSIL’s CEO Stephan Behr. This consortium will subsequently
be holding 100% of QSIL’s shares. The parties have agreed not to disclose the
purchase price.
“QSIL is an absolute success story that epitomises the investment philosophy of
Ventizz: a cutting edge technology with a clear unique selling point and a high valueadded
ratio is constantly being developed together with the management and is
positioned in the global market place. Today, the company can rely on full order
books, and the investors in Ventizz Fund III can enjoy a five times multiple of their
invested capital,” said Dr. Helmut Vorndran, CEO of Ventizz Capital Partners
Advisory AG, the exclusive advisor to the investing Fund. Dr. Vorndran will continue
to hold a seat on QSIL’s supervisory board in order to ensure continuity in the
company’s development.
With the support of Ventizz, which has been the majority shareholder of QSIL since
2006, the quartz glass specialist based in Ilmenau has built up a global customer
base and is now an established and leading player in the world market. Production
capacities in Thuringia have been increased by 50% over the past five years. In
addition, the company almost doubled its turnover throughout this period up to a level
of EUR 23m in 2010, while enjoying a highly satisfactory profitability relative to its
industry peers. In order to support the company growth, QSIL did not pay out
dividends in the recent years. With the divestment of QSIL, one of the last remaining
portfolio companies in Fund III has successfully been placed in the market.
Stephan Behr, CEO of QSIL AG: “With the competence of Ventizz in financial
engineering and corporate strategy, we have managed to take the decisive step to
become a top-tier player in our industry. For the next stage, we will continue to grow
organically and expand our currently fully utilized manufacturing capacity even further
according with demand. We are also ready to add complementary technologies to
our portfolio.”
QSIL AG Quarzschmelze Ilmenau is an innovative, globally operating company
active in manufacturing of special glass, and is one of the few quartz glass
manufacturers to specialise in the production of round shapes and special customer
design. The application of its own proprietary so-called “plasma fusion” method
makes it the only manufacturer worldwide which can produce hollow quartz glass
cylinders in a single production step. Key markets are semi-conductor, photovoltaic
and light source industries, as well as the chemical industry with regards to analysis
and to the production of polysilicon. QSIL has a globally diversified customer base.
Clients include globally-operating large companies located in Europe, Asia and in
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About Ventizz Capital Partners
Ventizz Capital Partners was established in 2000 and has offices in St. Gallen,
Düsseldorf, Zurich and Vienna. Ventizz Capital Partners is the exclusive advisor to
the Ventizz Private Equity Funds, which provide equity capital for growth in high tech
companies predominantly in the German-speaking region and in Western Europe.
Four partners and a team of 15 additional professionals currently advise four funds
with a total capital under management of EUR 675m. Ventizz Capital Fund IV L.P. is
the largest of four so far established funds. The Fund was closed at the end of 2007
after only six months of fundraising, during which EUR 450m were raised, making it
one of the biggest private equity funds in the segment of growth capital and mid-size
tech buyouts in the German-speaking region.
Ventizz funds have to date invested in 40 companies with a focus on the areas of
renewable energy/clean tech, medical technology, information and communication
technology, and high-tech manufacturing industries. In addition to a variety of trade
sales, Ventizz has so far floated four portfolio companies (ersol, SAF, PV Crystalox
Solar and recently exceet) at European stock exchange markets.
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About QSIL
QSIL was founded in 1992 through the spin-out of the quartz glass division of
Ilmenauer Glaswerke GmbH, which started the industrial production of fused quartz
glass in 1977. Today, QSIL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high purity
quartz glass products. Based on its flexible production technology, QSIL has
specialised in profitable market niches. The company has its headquarters and
manufacturing plant in Langewiesen (near Ilmenau, Germany) and a sales office in
the USA. QSIL has approx. 150 employees and generated revenues of app. EUR
23m in 2010.
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