Website Gives Goldman Sachs Heartburn

Happy holidays, everyone. While my sons were finding eggs and gifts that their mother, I mean the Easter Bunny, left them overnight, I found this little hidden gem on the Internet.

It’s a website devoted to basically air grievances about Goldman Sachs. The website, located at the demonic-sounding, includes an excerpt from a Bill Moyers interview of William Black, which makes for some interesting reading on a Sunday morning.

I emailed the registrant of the site, a Michael Morgan based in Florida. Haven’t heard back yet. A disclosure on the site says that he was shorted GS stock. “We need to begin to break up companies that have as much control over world finances as Goldman Sachs,” the site says.

The site was launched less than three weeks ago, and already the legal eagles at GS have taken notice. Morgan says that GS has “has threatened to file a lawsuit to shut down this website.”

Let me know what you think of it.