Webtrends Buys VC-Backed Reinvigorate

Mobile and web analytics company Webtrends has real-time acquired analytics company Reinvigorate, providing an exit for investor Media Temple Ventures. Terms of the deal were not released.

Webtrends, the global leader in unified mobile, social and web analytics and engagement, today announced it has acquired real-time analytics company Reinvigorate from (mt) Media Temple Ventures to round out its analytics portfolio and become the first analytics company to offer real-time and deep historical analytics for mobile, social and web channels, and the only major player to offer a real-time solution.

In today’s instant response world, brands need to be agile in their digital marketing — this requires real-time campaign and KPI data to support the emerging “sense and respond” approach. The addition of a real-time analytics engine equips Webtrends to provide the instantaneous insights that today’s digital marketing demands.

In addition, Reinvigorate’s solution brings valuable new data visualization technologies — heat maps, link maps and visitor path analysis — to Webtrends’ ever-expanding portfolio, enhancing the industry’s most scalable, reliable and powerful analytics solution.

“As the leader in unified analytics, we are always evaluating the market to ensure we are providing our clients with the most comprehensive and robust product offering available,” said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. “With the acquisition of Reinvigorate, and the addition of real-time analytics capabilities to our portfolio, we are once again leading the pack in breadth of product. In addition, we’re adding a talented team led by Sean McNamara that has rich experience in digital analytics and product development.”

“We’ve built an incredibly powerful real-time analytics product, and the acquisition of this technology by a leading global analytics company means a better, more full-featured analytics experience for brands today,” said Demian Sellfors, CEO, (mt) Media Temple Ventures. “This is just the first step in an ongoing partnership with Webtrends. We will continue to collaborate to ensure that Media Temple also benefits from this marriage of technologies through a future offering of Webtrends analytics directly to our Media Temple customers.”

Adding real-time analytics to the Webtrends portfolio ensures clients can keep pace with the speed of site, mobile and social marketing. Just last month, Webtrends announced its new Webtrends Social suite, an automated suite which includes free, middle-market and enterprise analytics and engagement offerings, that stands to change the way brands market on Facebook.

Webtrends will continue to offer the Reinvigorate solution to existing Reinvigorate customers.

About (mt) Media Temple Ventures
(mt) Ventures is the innovation and investment group of (mt) Media Temple. Our venture portfolio includes Virb.com, MobileRoadie.com, Krop.com, and Reinvigorate.net. Our portfolio companies provide beautiful tools that are powerful and improve our customer’s lives personally and professionally. We value authenticity and simplicity.

About Webtrends, Inc.
Webtrends is the global leader in mobile, social and web analytics and engagement. We help marketers create, measure and improve campaigns for more than 7,000 leading brands including: The New York Times, Microsoft, BMW, RIM, China Telecom, China Mobile, CCTV, Tencent QQ, Hitachi, The Associated Press, HSBC, Barclays, Vivo Cellular and Petrobras. Our leadership extends beyond the web analytics industry we founded to the measurement, optimization and integration of all digital content and customer intelligence, including web sites, social media, mobile and paid-search advertising.