What is Sequoia Doing?

We’ve been reporting on Sequoia Capital’s new outsourced CIO platform for the past several months, but there is still no mention of it – or its team members like Eric Upin and Dan Feder — on the firm’s website. Kind of odd, given that Sequoia has added bios for it’s “public investing” team (read: hedge fund). Maybe when it actually starts soliciting clients…

By the way, a bunch of you have asked by Sequoia is launching this platform in the first place. So let me use an SAT-style analogy to describe my thoughts on it: Sequoia is to venture capital what Blackstone Group is to private equity. Or: Sequoia is to venture capital what Goldman Sachs is to investment banking.

In other words, Sequoia wants to build a broad asset management platform with venture capital as its core. If successful, others will follow. Or at least try to follow.