What private equity should watch for under a Democratic Congress, Ares healthcare PE exec leaves firm

Pondering what a Democrat-controlled government means for private equity and an Ares healthcare PE exec leaves the firm


Well, that was quite a day, huh?

Despite all the chaos, Congress did its job and certified the electoral college victory of president-elect Joe Biden. And we’ll have a new government on Jan. 20.

It’s worth asking, what does a Democrat-controlled government mean for private equity? This is a question I wasn’t really asking before the election, because it didn’t seem all that realistic. Who would have thought …?

Yet here we are — Democrats won the remaining two Senate seats in Georgia, which means the Senate will be split 50/50, with vice president-elect Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

Issues like the tax treatment of carried interest, and GPs’ ability to write off interest expense on their deals, are likely to come up within the next two years as potential areas of change for progressives. If you haven’t seen Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to fundamentally change the way private equity operates, you should brush up on it. (Read it here!) We may be hearing a lot more about it, or at least some of the ideas Warren offered in her proposal.

A Biden administration could move to deescalate trade tensions with China, which would help reopen the global supply chain on which so many PE-backed portfolio companies rely.

Curious what a Dem-controlled Congress means for the M&A environment. If you have thoughts, hit me up at cwitkowsky@buyoutsinsider.com.

Moves: While deal flow seems to have had a slow start this year (compared to the insanity of deal closure pace at year end, natch), the industry is rife with people moving to new jobs. Here’s a new one, from Sarah Pringle: Alex Albert, co-head of private equity healthcare at Ares Management, left the firm. Read it here.

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