Where in the World?

No travel this week, but I’ll still be making a pair of speeches on Thursday.  

First up is a 9am keynote at the Private Equity Fund Formation & Management conference at the Hyatt Regency in Boston. Have a muffin and listen to me expound on… something. The agenda suggests that I’ll be providing some sort of 2008 predictions, and it’s entirely possible. But I’m also toying with 30 minutes on why January-June 2007 didn’t actually represent the Golden Age of Private Equity. Not a bad lead-in to the follow-up panel, which asks if said Golden Age has persisted. Or maybe it’s a terrible lead-in in that it disputes the very premise…

That night I’ll also be speaking to the assembled masses at the invite-only VIP dinner for the MIT Venture Capital Conference. The actual event takes place Friday, and I hope to attend the afternoon sessions.