Woodlawn adds Cerda to Omnitank platform

Woodlawn Partners has acquired Cerda Industries as part of its Omnitank platform. Cerda is manufacturer of steel tanks and pressure vessels.


Woodlawn Partners, a private equity firm in Chicago focused on succession strategies and organizational development, recently acquired Cerda Industries, Inc. as part of its Omnitank platform. Cerda is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (“ASME”) certified manufacturer of steel tanks and pressure vessels. Cerda fabricates skids and gas compression systems, vacuum trailers, and frac tanks. Cerda also manufacturers trench safety products such as trench shields, square manhole boxes, “pipe tiger” pullers, and ancillary products.

Cerda is the third ASME pressure vessel manufacturer in which Woodlawn has invested. The three companies were previously owned and managed by their founders and/or their families. In each case, the owners and management teams have remained with the business and have been reenergized as Woodlawn provides the resources for growth and removes the burdens of administration and sole ownership

“Woodlawn’s management philosophy was a perfect fit with ours,” said Victor Cerda, Cerda’s President. “We wanted a partner that would shoot straight, deliver what they promised, and support us with the resources we needed to continue growing. They have delivered that and much more.”

Woodlawn Partners is focused on building entrepreneurial businesses like Cerda into self-sustaining, professional organizations. We partner with businesses to provide an ownership succession strategy and to directly support management teams in accelerating and managing growth. The firm has an experienced advisory team and trusted outside specialists to directly support management teams through an ownership transition and for the long-term.