Worried Your Kid Won’t Accept Your “Friend” Request? Stanford Will Show You the Way

I see I’m late in noticing this, but in case you missed it, too, Stanford University, that esteemed institution, is now teaching parents about Facebook, in order “to help kids reach their full potential.” (That’s not promising parents too much, is it?)

B.J. Fogg, who founded the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford and is now an adjunct professor there, is teaching the class with his sister Linda. If you live in the Bay Area and you’re interested in checking it out, I have good and bad news. The bad news is that the first class, on the “ABCs of Facebook” was last week. The good news is that class two, themed “10 Steps to Protect Loved Ones on Facebook” takes place March 5.

You can sign up for the series, or for the next series of classes, here.

(Btw, is it me or does even this teen model look irritated to have her “mother” looking over her shoulder at Facebook?)