Yingru Li Leaves China Investment Corp

Yingru Li has been named co-chief investment officer for China Asean Fund, a $1 billion private equity fund targeting infrastructure, energy and natural resources opportunities in Southeast Asia. 

Li previously was a managing director in of private equity investments for China Investment Corp. (one of CAF’s largest LPs) — a role that now will be filled by Jingping Guo (mostly focused on fund commitments and co-investments).

Here is part of an email sent out by Li to friends and colleagues:

A few weeks ago, I got officially appointed by China Investment Corporation as the Chief Investment Officer (Co-CIO) for China Asean Fund (CAF), a 1 billion US$ direct Private Investment fund targeting in South East Asia (including China) for Infrastructure, Energy & Natural Resources. CIC is one of the two largest sponsors for CAF. Therefore, I am no longer responsible for CIC Private Equity Investments. Herein, I want to thank you all for your supports in the last three years when I was in my prior post and it has been great experience working there and with all of you. I have dealt with some most amazing PE professionals around the world, built so much relationship with so many friends globally and I have enjoyed and learned incredible amount from all of you…

Well, last but maybe the most important and interesting part of my today email is, many of you have asked the replacement MD for me at CIC. And here, I would say, Ms. Jingping Guo has come on board a few days ago and she will be mainly responsible for PE Fund investments and Co-investments. For those who are not familiar with Ms. Guo, I would add, Ms. Guo is a very experienced investment professional, and she previously worked at Endowment in US and also other departments of CIC.