Zurb Strikes Forrst Deal

California-based website management company Zurb will acquire Forrst, a similar site for developers, from Colourlovers, which bought Forrst in March 2012. Specifics of the transaction were not publicized; 500Startups is among Forrst’s backers.


It’s with great excitement that we announce our big news today: we’ve acquired Forrst!
In case you haven’t heard of it, Forrst is a community for designers and developers to share work, give and receive detailed feedback and become better at their craft.
Our Story
Here at ZURB, we’ve prided ourselves on building out and defining the future of product design. We’ve developed awesome product design apps, created and iterated on a top-20 GitHub most watched front-end framework and provided design services to emerging Silicon Valley startups for over 15 years. Our next step is a bold one into the design community world, and we can’t wait to get started.

Why Forrst?
We were initially drawn to Forrst for several reasons. Primarily, we believe the Forrst community is full of talented designers and developers who have exciting work (and feedback!) to share with others. From Day 1, we plan on taking an active role in growing the community into what we know it can be.
How Adding Forrst Makes ZURB better
A big part of great product design thinking is learning how to give and receive great feedback, and apply it to whatever you are working on. Instead of the simple, “Nice work!” or “Great job!,” we believe our community has so much more to offer, especially when it comes to delivering feedback on designs, side projects or a weekend hack.
We want all community members to share their best work on Forrst, and gather insights to make every single visit a worthwhile one. When you sign into Forrst, you’ll be greeted with a design community that will embrace not only you, but your work as well. With time, you may just become a better designer, too.
What will change?
Forrst is an established design and development community, and we believe we can make it even better. We’re committed to listening, participating and fostering a healthy design community.
In addition, we’ll actively participate, providing relevant feedback where necessary and sharing designs, inspiration and ideas.
Over time, we’ll introduce tools and apps which will help our community members deliver increasingly-concise and detailed design feedback.
The Future Of The Forrst Community
We’re excited to welcome Forrst into the ZURB fold, and we hope you are too.
We believe that in time, Forrst can be a defining force within the design community, and we’re all excited to embark on the journey together. Onward!