Zygus appoints Mucci as managing partner

Zygus Capital has named John Mucci as a managing partner. Mucci will also serve as director of public relations and communications. Mucci will report to Paul Ho, chairman, CEO and founder of Zygus Capital.



Zygus Capital, a partner-owned investment firm, is pleased to announce that John Mucci has joined Zygus Capital as a Managing Partner. His role is Director of Public Relations and Communications, and he will report to Paul Ho, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Zygus Capital.

“I’m excited to have a person of John’s caliber to join Zygus,” says Mr. Ho. “He brings deep qualifications and a breadth of experience in public relations and communications to our firm.” Mr. Mucci graduated from both Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Fairfield University in Connecticut, working initially for General Telephone and Electronics in Stamford, CT as head of a communications function, then leveraging his abilities in marketing, writing and producing for agencies in the New York tristate area. His work has been acclaimed with awards such as the Golden Cine Eagle and the Francis Hatch Award for Advertising, and has been seen internationally. “John has a gift for storytelling. He will help us communicate our strategy to the public and to our potential investors when we start raising capital.”

Specializing in digital, blended media and marketing, Mr. Mucci has planned and directed campaigns for Raritan Computers, Diageo, and AmeriCares, and led international teams that created press kits, campaigns, and internal communications for such companies as Citi, Deutschebank, IBM, PWC, AstraZeneca, Xerox, and Heineken. “John is an excellent addition to our talented team,” says Paul Ho, “and I am confident that he will make a positive impact at our firm.”

About Zygus Capital
Zygus Capital is a partner-owned investment firm. The firm’s mission is to realize alpha returns by using a systematic approach, trading at market imbalance with a focus on risk management.

Zygus Capital is headquartered at 555 Madison Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10022. All inquiries and employment opportunities should be directed to Mr. Ho at 646-783-9192 or at paul.ho@zygus.com. Please visit http://www.zygus.com for more information.

About Paul Ho
Paul Ho is Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Zygus Capital. His responsibilities include trading, risk management, and building an enduring firm.
Prior to founding Zygus Capital, Mr. Ho was a capital markets banker at Citco based in New York City and a member of the Capital Markets Group. At Citco, Mr. Ho arranged debt and equity capital for sponsors and investors. Before Citco, he was a Leveraged Finance and Financial Sponsors banker at SMBC. Prior to SMBC, Mr. Ho spent three years as a Leveraged Finance Analyst at Citi. He began his investment banking career as a Mergers and Acquisitions banker at Royal Bank of Scotland and was a private equity analyst at the Masan Group. Over his career, Mr. Ho has completed over $2 billion in debt and equity transactions. His experience includes client management, deal sourcing, structuring, leveraged finance underwriting, portfolio management, and risk management.

Prior to his career in finance, he served in the United States Army as medic and surgical technologist for four years at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C. and 349th General Hospital in California. He received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

About John Mucci
John Mucci graduated with a BA in English from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie-Mellon University, and took a Master’s Degree in Education from Connecticut’s Fairfield University. His career is marked by a diversity of form, and a skillset that encompasses writing, producing and directing public relations, corporate communications and training. While working at General Telephone and Electronics, he was director of VisNet East, a communications function that provided just-in-time training and support to business leaders across the continent via private satellite. Corporate downlinks from Xerox, IBM, Ford, Exxon, and U.S. Surgical Corporation had subscription-based programming available from Blanchard Institute, Time Systems, Juran Institute, and bespoke training on demand.
Working in New York City, Mr. Mucci produced or co-produced several pioneering programs, one provided to higher-education satellite information systems, Uncovering Shakespeare which was hosted by William F. Buckley, Jr., and an unprecedented digital storytelling approach to branding for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

For numerous agencies in the New York tristate area, Mr. Mucci directed the production and launch of web-based presences for IBM, Deutschebank, Citi, Hologic, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, and many other pharma corporations.