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Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, and that Annoying Brunette from Glee: Go ahead, you try and pick three people out of Hollywood more likely to wind up in the title roles for this eventual movie

E-Memoriam: Robert H. Lessin passes away

Lay the Points, They’ll Lay Off: The most likely companies to lay someone off this year

Ready to Rumble: UK forces finally break out the heavy artillery to quell rioting

The Roundup: Xconomy drops knowledge on recent Beantown area IT investing

Redefining Itself: Quora looks to help its users find their way to new questions

Verizon’s “Chris Johnson” Move: Did striking employees sabotage the company?

Funding Contests? Yup, funding for a contest funder


  • The linked item in Xconomy isn’t about life sciences investing in Boston. In fact, the lead sentence reads “IT companies dominated New England deals this week, with word of acquisitions, financings, and potential IPOs.” You may want to revise your link text.

  • Takes a whole heck of a lotta coffee to even be this close to right in the first place. Clearly, I hadn’t fueled properly… thanks for pointing that out, Anonymous–and great job hacking, BTW!

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