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Where Does Steve Jobs rank among all time CEOs?

It’s Over: I’m tired of earthquakes, hurricanes and crappy pageload speeds. I’m moving west.

Saddening: Steve Jobs photographed in a frail state shortly after his big announcement

Trouble for Google? How much did its CEO know about its advertising practices?

Walloped: Jersey hit by billions in hurricane damage

Dealing! BofA could unload its CCB stake

So, Who’s Eating Cisco’s wi-fi lunch?

Ugh: NYC hobbles out of the hurricane

Timmerman: Is Pfizer too big to succeed?

Americans’ View of the federal government hits an all-time low. Somewhere, on that list, underneath professions “Banking,” “Oil,” and “Government,” even down past “Hell’s Custodial Staff,” is “Media.”

YAAAHHH!!! Mega-rat!!!

In Conclusion: Double Birthday! This weekend, Keith Teare, founder at Archimedes Ventures, and Steve Westly, founder and managing partner with The Westly Group, celebrated some happy birthdays, tipsters tell us. Archimedes was a seed investor in Quixey, which just this morning announced it’s A round of $3.8 million.

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