Lynn Tilton Didn’t Get Her Reality Show But Will Be on 20/20 This Week

This just in.

Lynn Tilton, the head of Patriarch Partners, will be on “20/20″ later this week talking to Barbara Walters. No, the show won’t be on PE execs that “scream and spit.” Instead, the episode will be “Inside the Lives of the Super Rich.”

Tilton, according to “20/20,” owns more companies than any woman in America. There are some promo shots of Tilton and Walters smiling together, as well as Tilton showing off her major shoe collection.

The “20/20″ episode will also feature Christie’s America CEO Marc Porter; John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Paul Mitchell Products; and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.

The show will air Friday at 10 p.m. ET, says Richard White, a Patriarch Partners spokesman.

Earlier this year, Tilton was the subject of a devastating investigation by Forbes that claimed she propositioned male employees, screamed, spit and raged on desktops. The probe was bad enough that the Sundance Channel called off Tilton’s planned reality show.

The show is still in development, White says.

“The reality show was put on hold but it is something that is still being considered and discussed,” he says.

Also unclear is the status of litigation that’s facing Tilton. The Patriarch CEO was in a Dallas federal courtroom earlier this month responding to a wrongful termination lawsuit from a former executive. I  wonder if Walters asked about that.


  • This women says she wants to save america
    but drapes herself in diamonds, and couture


    There is something really creepy and dark going
    down here

  • Someone needs to get to the truth with her. Read all of the articles and posts about the outrageous behavior. It’s true!!! I’ve witnessed it. For someone who says she is “saving american jobs”, she has fired more people without good reason than anyone I know. I’m sure it wont happen, but its too bad that Barbara Walters doesnt do a more investigative story and interview on her business ethics and practices. It would be shocking! The only person gaining at Patriarch is her. It for sure isnt the guy on the production line at any of her companies as most of them do not ever get the necessary working capital to buy parts and produce products for even the sales on the books. Its crazy!

  • FORBES did a number on Lynn Tilton earlier this year and they did a very good job in uncovering the truth about this self promoting hypocrite. Lynn Tilton is all about Lynn Tilton. I hope she doest find redemption with the Barbara Walters interview. I am also surprised that she would be considered for a 20/20 segment, she is vulgar, low class and probably would be more suited for a Howard Stern piece.

  • I’ve read all of the articles from Forbes and agree they did a fantastic job….getting started. there is so much more to uncover. For some reason, the media gets to the red zone and dont seem to get it over the goal line. If they would, it would be huge. The previous articles are just barely scratching the surface.

  • I have encountered many people who have worked with or at her company and i think someone needs to do a serious investigation because she is not saving america, but manipulating people into believing she is doing good, when she is harming people by not paying bills, ruling her companies with terror, and
    acting like she is spiritual leader, when what she loves most is money.

  • Your are exactly right. Why wont the media do the real investigation once and for all and put this lady (not the right word for her) to bed once and for all. The show was disgusting. I thought Barbara Walters was better than that. Tilton’s smile was fake from start to finish! Check out MD now, almost worse than when she acquired it. Also, the pulp mill in maine……only open cause of federal grants!!!!

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