Slideshow: Five Things More Important than Facebook’s IPO

Facebook went public today eight years after Mark Zuckerberg founded the social media company in his college dorm room.

Shares of the company opened at $43 Friday morning but then slipped and even neared its $38 IPO price. Facebook yesterday raised $16 billion after selling 421.2 million shares at $38 each.

While the anticipated IPO pop seems to have fizzled, the offering has made Zuckerberg one of the world’s youngest billionaires. He is clearly brilliant, his company is ground-breaking, and he even has a cute dog.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, peHUB would like to take a moment to remind people of reality. Although it may seem that way, the Facebook IPO is NOT the most important event or issue facing our nation right now. We’ve got major student loan debt, several states still don’t allow same-sex marriage, and sugar makes people stupid.

With that in mind, we–or rather me–have conducted a survey of private equity executives. I asked these execs to tell me five things more important than the Facebook IPO. This can be issues, or events, or just plain thoughts.

I was amazed at the lack of response but I shouldn’t have been. PE execs, who are famously not involved in social media, are just not that interested in Facebook. Many don’t tweet, they haven’t looked at Pinterest, and they don’t care if I “friend” them.

Some did respond, however. Here’s the result of my very unscientific poll.

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