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Are you an MBA student looking to pursue a career in private equity or a PE professional who is looking to get ahead? You’ve come to the right place. Here are peHUB’s most popular career-related posts.

     The secrets to a successful career in private equity

Guest columnist Devin Mathews, a managing partner with Chicago Growth Partners, shares the secrets to not only surviving, but also thriving as an associate at a private equity firm. Read more

     How to break into private equity

The big topic at the Columbia Business School Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference didn’t concern LBOs or Dell’s $24.4 billion take-private. Getting a job in PE was a major issue facing MBA students. Read more

     To MBA or not MBA? That is the question

Much has been written about the value of an MBA. Many people have them, but should you spend two years and up to $125,000 in tuition alone to get one? Brian Rich, managing partner and co-founder of Catalyst Investors, tackles this difficult question. Read more

     5 tips to make breaking into PE easier

Breaking into private equity can be tough. The firms are highly selective, interviews are rigorous and there’s a lot of competition. Here are some tips to help ease the process. Read more

     Five tips for making partner at your private equity firm

Want to make partner at your PE firm? Elena Lytkina Botelho and Sapna Sadarangani Werner of ghSMART have some common-sense advice to help you succeed. Read more

     College seniors, take heart! There are jobs to be had at PE portfolio companies

Private equity firms generally hire very few recent college grads, but there’s one area of PE often missed by candidates: portfolio companies. Read more

     How to build a career in private equity investor relations

Private equity investor relations professionals shared advice for those interested in breaking into, or moving up, in their careers. Read more

     10 tips to keep your private equity career on track

Let’s say you’re an associate at a buyout shop, and you’re itching to move up the career ladder. How do you do it? How do you send that unmistakable, unspoken message to the partners that you’ll be one of them one day? Read more

     Degree in humanities is great foundation for PE career — Rubenstein

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-CEO of The Carlyle Group, says a degree in humanities is an ideal foundation for a career in private equity. Read more

     Humor: ‘I have a meeting in Westchester’ and other essential code words for PE newbies

New to private equity? PE veteran Devin Matthews offers this glossary of key terms to help you avoid embarrassing situations with your new bosses. Read more

     The secret to breaking into venture capital

Baiyin Zhou made the leap from investment banker to an associate at OpenView Venture Partners. Here she shares her tips for how to land a rare job in venture capital. Read more

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