Splice Machine fetches $9 mln

Splice Machine, a provider of the first RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark, has secured $9 million in funding. The investors included Correlation Ventures, Interwest Partners and Mohr Davidow Ventures.



The announcement comes on the heels of the Company’s recently announced version 2.0, the first RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark. Version 2.0 enables businesses to perform simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads, allowing them to make decisions in the moment, and increase performance over traditional RDBMS, such as Oracle® and MySQL™, by 10-20 times at one-fourth the cost.

“I continue to be impressed by both the evolution of its RBDMS, with the recent integration of Apache Spark, and the team at Splice Machine,” said Bill Ericson, General Partner at MDV. “The Company’s unique product architecture can help businesses achieve outstanding performance at a fraction of the cost. There has never been a greater need for disruption in this space. I expect Monte and his team will continue on a path of even greater innovation and know that we have only seen the beginning of what they can do for the enterprise.”

“The additional funding is a big vote of confidence in Splice Machine from our investors on our product and market traction,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “We will use the funding to accelerate our growing customer traction, as more businesses discover how Splice Machine can power their next-generation applications that require fast decision making with real-time data.”

For more information on Splice Machine, or to try the newest version 2.0 with Spark, please visithttp://www.splicemachine.com/company/contact-us/.

About Splice Machine
The Splice Machine RDBMS is the first RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark. Leveraging in-memory technology from Spark and scale-out capabilities from Hadoop, Splice Machine can replace Oracle® and MySQL™ databases, while increasing performance by 10-20x at one-fourth the cost. With an innovative, hybrid architecture and advanced resource isolation, the Splice Machine RDBMS provides exceptional performance for simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads, enabling companies to unlock the insights in their Big Data to make decisions in the moment.